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Gynecology and Annual Well-Woman Exam

At Center for Pelvic Health and Wellness, we specialize in women’s health and offer gynecology and well-woman care (preventive care) for women of all ages, all stages of life. Our expert medical team is specialty trained in female pelvic health and wellness as well as gynecology and urology related conditions, treatments, and procedures. We are here to partner with you to help you live your best life.

Preparing for your Appointment

Your doctor will ask you about your medical and sexual history and if you have any health concerns. Your doctor will also ask you if you are taking any medications and if so, the name and dosage of the medication. It is important to be open with your doctor about any concerns you have about your health. Some patients find it helpful to make a list of questions and concerns prior to their appointment.

Some female gynecology and urology conditions can be socially embarrassing – we completely understand and are here to help. There are so many treatments and procedures available to women today. We have advanced training in non-invasive procedures as well as state-of-the-art surgical procedures if conditions need surgical intervention.

Here are a few common concerns that we hear from patients:

  • Vaginal odor, itching, or pain
  • Urine or fecal leakage
  • Sexual pain or discomfort
  • Low sex drive or inability to orgasm
  • Hormone related symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain, change in sex drive

We look forward to partnering with you on your health and well-being.